How to setup a RAM disk in Linux?

/bin/mount -t tmpfs -o size=500m,mode=0700,uid=${md_user},gid=${md_group} /dev/shm $md_spooldir

/dev/shm is provided in most newer Linux systems, maybe none works for you, too.

Adjust the size, of course.

Replace ${md_user} and ${md_group} with the appropriate UID and GID, in order to give MIMEDefang write permission to the directories.

Replace ${md_spooldir} with the directory specified with the --with-spooldir= option during the ./configure of MIMEDefang.

The idea is to have all temporary files of MIMEDefang been spooled on a very fast RAM disk. None of these files are required after SMTP phase is over. Hence, make sure that --with-quarantinedir= points somewhere else!