Release 2.80

MIMEDefang 2.80 is available on the download page.

MIMEDefang 2.80 Release Notes:

  • md-mx-ctrl: Add newline to mimedefang-multiplexor output that lacks a newline.
  • mimedefang-util: Properly substitute @PERL@ at configure time.
  • mimedefang-multiplexor.c: Move variable declarations to start of compound statement to avoid problems with older C compilers.
  • Add an extra level of subdirectories in the quarantine to avoid 32K subdirectory limit on ext3. Idea by Kevin McGrail.
    NOTE INCOMPATIBILITY Quarantine subdirectory naming changed.
  • mimedefang.c: Fix bug that caused Queue-ID not to show up when using MIMEDefang with Postfix (thanks to Kris Deugau).