Release 2.82

MIMEDefang 2.82 is available on the download page.

MIMEDefang 2.82 Release Notes:

  • Update contrib/graphdefang with improvements from Kevin A. McGrail.
  • Fix Red Hat init script (thanks to Robert Scheck)
  • Exit with EXIT_SUCCESS if mimedefang-multiplexor is told to terminate.
  • Terminology change: Change "slave" to "worker" everywhere.
    Check your init scripts to make sure they use current names for shell variables; a few "SLAVE" strings have been changed to "WORKER"
  • Add a new -V maxLifetime option to mimedefang-multiplexor that terminates worker processes after maxLifetime seconds (approximately). This is in addition to the -r maxRequests option.
  • Log the lifetime and number of requests processed when we terminate a worker process.